Retained search services are often employed by businesses in the market for senior-level executives. The process is both simple and effective for employers looking for top talent. Employers will work with a staffing company to set their qualifications for the position, such as years of experience, industry, education and other skills. They’ll also agree on the salary for the position, and the staffing agency will receive an upfront payment that is equal to a predetermined percentage of that salary number. This then retains the services of the staffing company and the search begins.

So, what are the benefits of retained search services for your business?

1. Saves you time and money

Hiring is expensive and time-consuming. Hiring the wrong candidate is even more expensive, as the loss of time spent on unsuccessful projects and the salary spent on an ineffective hire can be high. The stakes are raised when it comes to C-suite-level executive hires, and businesses know they need to get it right the first time. That’s why they trust staffing agencies like Evolving Talent Group to dedicate themselves to the task.

2. Industry expertise

Not only are staffing companies the experts in hiring, they’re the experts in hiring for their industry. Finding top senior-level talent in the oil and gas industry can be extremely challenging. Partnering with a staffing firm that knows the ins and outs of the industry and has built up contacts and networks means you can get matched with your perfect candidate faster. Plus, hiring with the help of recruiters can help reduce the risk for your business, because with dedicated, expert services, there’s a higher likelihood you’ll find a more qualified candidate who’s less likely to leave the position after only a brief time.

3. Communication and relationship management

Every good relationship starts with excellent communication. Because our services are laser focused – handling recruiting and HR responsibilities for the oil and gas industry – we speak the language. We’re highly experienced in handling follow-ups, negotiations and crucial conversations that can be the difference between filling the position and leaving gaps in the leadership team.

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Let our retained search service help you find your next hire. With meticulous research skills, personalized service and a drive to help your search succeed, we’ll work with you as true partners to help achieve your goals. Connect with one of our recruiting experts today!

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