We all know that hiring in rich, competitive talent markets can be extremely difficult, especially when competing with organizations that will do anything to win. That is why many organizations are taking a more proactive approach. Talent pipelining is building a stable of fully vetted candidates before an actual need arises. Having candidates that have passed 75% of the required assessment is much easier to get across the finish line than starting at square one when that need arises. When already starting behind the eight ball, many companies will either lose productivity because of the time taken away to hire or possibly make a bad hire because of the rush to find someone.

Talent Pipelining is quickly becoming the next evolution of recruiting. Whether it is targeting for Executive Succession positions, Sales or Engineering roles, or even Board positions within the company, pipelining shows that an organization has a long-term strategy. HR departments tend to focus primarily on internal matters and day to day business issues including compliance and employment laws, which take up a lot of company resources, including time and money. Some companies find that outsourcing their recruiting pipeline not only helps their bottom line, but frees up and redirects the effort of the internal HR employees towards other matters in the business.

Here are some benefits to consider when thinking about pipelining.

1. Long-Term Investment

First, Talent Pipelining is not the same as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is better known as a black-hole for resumes and candidates. Pipelining is proactively finding qualified candidates, building rapport over a period of time and developing long-term relationships.

2. Better Candidates

Whether internal or external, this allows organizations to benchmark candidates for future roles and also gives time to find candidates that have the skills that can be used in critical positions. Because of the longer-term strategy, there is time to find the best possible candidate and not the immediately available candidate.

3. Market Intelligence

From pipelining comes market intelligence. Organizations are ahead of the curve when they are able to conduct research, gain insight, and perform talent mapping, whether looking at their own internal organization or competitors.  It allows an organization to see the complete picture, both from an industry and overall business climate perspective.

4. Gain an Expert Partner

Working with an experienced Executive Search Services vendor, you have a team of experts that’s true focus is recruiting. Their job is to be your ultimate resource. Whether it’s tapping into their network of talent or keeping you up on market insight, their expertise can empower your business.

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