Best Practices For Reducing Turnover and Increasing Employee Retention

Employees are not just the heart and soul of every organization – providing it with its personality and ultimately reputation with customers – they’re also the backbone of the day to day work that moves a business forward. Hiring the best employees is key to a successful, thriving organization, no matter what industry. Having an intelligent and driven workforce is a priority. Once you’ve got the right people in place, keeping them happy, engaged and productive is just as important. Here are some ways to encourage employee retention and boost engagement.

Find the Right Fit

Skills are important; having someone with the knowledge and experience for the position is the first step in setting them up for satisfying work. When your employees succeed, so does your business. For employee retention, it’s equally important to not just find a solid skills match, though. Finding a good fit for the culture of your company should be a priority in your candidate search.

You might gauge personality with a pre-interview online assessment, or you might ask several screening questions that tell you something about a candidate beyond their job experience and project skills. Working with a staffing organization can also be helpful, as you can save a lot of screening time and rely on their expertise to help you find a good match.

Make It Modern

It’s important to understand the workplace needs of today’s workforce. More and more modern- day employees are looking for an engaging, collaborative space where they can contribute, be heard, and find balance with the rest of their lives. Some benefits you might want to consider adding to your organization include:

  • active workspaces with on-site gyms or sit-stand desks;
  • flextime or work-from-home options;
  • continued training and clear career paths;
  • improved vacation policies; and
  • employee recognition events.

Ask Employees

Asking your staff how they like to be rewarded or recognized is a smart move. It gives your employees a sense of ownership beyond their day-to-day responsibilities, and helps them feel connected to the organization as a whole. Whether it’s a survey on the intranet or an email sent out organization-wide, you can not only gain a lot of valuable knowledge about what employees want, you can make them feel less siloed.

One of the best ways to approach employee retention is by listening and trying to learn more about your candidates and your current staff.  Finding out what they want and need is an important step in helping ensure they are giving every day their all, and their best to your business.

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