4 Things to Consider When Relocating for an Engineering Job

What if the perfect opportunity comes along…but it’s 1,000 miles away? Finding the perfect job can be stressful and need to move for it can be expensive and taxing, even for adventurous job seekers.

Here are four things to consider when it comes to packing up to further your career.

1. Ask for Relocation Expenses

The price of relocation is always one of the biggest hurdles, and it never hurts to ask if assistance is available. If you’ve received a job offer out of state, it’s reasonable to ask if the company has a policy on reimbursing relocation costs or providing upfront relocation funding. If not, is there a way to change the offer package to reflect additional compensation? If so, do they require payback if you leave the company within a certain time?

2. List the Logistics

Relocating for work is about more than just packing up everything you own and heading to your next destination. If you have a house to sell, you need to think about selling that while also finding a new place to live. Will you need to transport or rehome pets? Enroll kids in new schools? Embrace list making and figure out everything you will need to orchestrate logistics for.

3. Keep the Market in Mind

Is the area known for job growth? What’s the unemployment rate for that area generally and for your industry specifically? What’s the cost of living there versus where you currently live? These things should all factor into your decision.

4. Consider Your Budget

Moving for a pay increase is a good reason to think about moving. But until that first paycheck, you’re still on your current budget. And that doesn’t factor in things like lost wages between jobs or existing debt. When it comes to moving for work, is it a feasible cost you or your family could take on right now? Can you create a budget and stick to it, even in the busy and hectic time of moving and starting a new job simultaneously?

Find an Engineering Job Today!

At the end of the day, if you find your perfect engineering dream job in California and you’re in New Jersey, distance shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your passion and putting your talent to good use. Still, it’s important to make sure you consider all the components of relocating before sending a ‘yes’ back on your offer letter. For engineer candidates in the Houston area – or those looking to relocate closer to South Texas – our experienced team can match you with the best opportunities in the region.

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