Are Social Media Profiles Making Resumes Irrelevant?

Many people live some part of their lives on social media – whether it’s photo blogging on Instagram or networking on LinkedIn, we all have an online persona that showcases some part of our lives for public consumption and sharing. For years now, social media presence has been a consideration when it comes to searching for candidates. HR recruiters will search LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter to find out more about a potential hire’s “brand” – anything interesting, menacing or additional to help give a full picture of who is applying for the job. With so much digital information easily available, are full and formal resumes even necessary anymore?

The short answer is yes. Here’s why resumes still matter.

1. Resumes are quicker

HR departments and recruiting groups are busy places – they don’t have time to dig up information across the internet for everyone who might be a good fit for a job. A resume can be digitally parsed, and if the candidate has the right combination of skills and experience, they can move onto to seeing what other information is available through social media and if it matches what’s on the resume.

2. Resumes are customizable

While a LinkedIn profile or digital portfolio might have every project or job a candidate has worked on or been involved in, a resume serves as a way to present the highlights, particularly as to how they relate to the job being applied to. This helps recruiters understand how a candidate can begin contributing to a job right away, as opposed to having to dig through mountains of information to find out what experience is relevant and useful.

3. Social media is supplementary

Because social media is so expansive, it’s more like a digital portfolio or billboard of different parts of someone’s experience, interests and connections. It can certainly help to complement a resume, but a resume’s function is different. A resume doesn’t have to tell the whole story. It’s a career-centered elevator pitch of accomplishments to present the most relevant data for HR recruiters to digest.

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