Candidates, especially professional and executive candidates, are spoiled for choices in today’s market.

Unemployment is under 4% for the entire country.  For licensed professionals it is even lower.  For the first time in forever, open jobs exceed available candidates by a huge margin.

When faced with the perception that there are too many choices, candidates tend to not choose any of them!  This phenomenon is called option paralysis or, the paradox of choice.

Employers posting ads and saying “I got a job” on the street corners are only adding to the wall that separates them from the best talent their organizations need.  They are becoming part of the background instead of the focus of the picture.  It is hypercompetitive and hiring teams who figure out how to address it are going to have more hiring options available than their competition.

How Can We Solve This Problem?

Let’s start with this, what is your compelling reason you give candidates to explore your opportunities?  If you want to hire a VP of Sales, for example, why would they want to be hired?

  • More money? Other competing organizations can likely do that, too. After all, your direct competitors likely share a similar economic model.
  • Better culture? I could write a lot more on this because most companies look at this as a differentiator rather that a compelling attractor…in fact, it is usually mislabeled and misapplied.
  • Better location?
  • Work remotely?
  • Better work-life balance?

All of these are important but are not necessarily compelling.

Find A Compelling Reason

What you need is a compelling reason for them to want to explore your opportunities, your organization and your future.  Then those differentiators can start to add mass and momentum to a candidate’s process.

A compelling reason is something that, in marketing terms, provides an irresistible offer that inspires conviction and action.  Having an open job advertised on the web does not constitute a compelling reason.  Having a conversation or something valuable to targeted candidates, though, could be exactly what is needed.

For instance, suppose you want to hire a sales team.  Why not offer a free personality assessment to a targeted group of potential candidates?  It does not have to be in-depth, but it would give targeted candidates the chance to do something that gives them value and creates a reason for your team to connect with them to discuss the results.

Make A Connection

In that connection, you have earned the right to hear the candidate’s story, present your story and share thoughts on what could make sense for a next step.  Most importantly, you have successfully confirmed a specifically targeted candidate could or could not fit your organization today.  If they are not a fit today, you have a connection for future opportunities.

If you want to not be the background in the picture but the focus, it is critical that you give candidates a compelling reason to focus on you.  Job ads, sorting through online profiles, posting blogs, hiring recruiters and such do not make you the focus for a candidate, it just delivers diminishing returns.

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