The Best Ways to Negotiate Your Executive Salary

No matter where you are in your career, there are ways to approach salary negotiations that can not only improve the odds of getting your desired compensation but also help solidify your place as a competent leader in your organization.

Put a Conversation on the Calendar

There are typically two times a salary negotiation conversation might happen – after an offer or after some time on the job. Either way, it’s best to approach the person or people who’ll be in charge of the salary decision at a predetermined time. Schedule a meeting with the HR director, CEO or board of directors to discuss your desired compensation. This will give everyone involved time to get organized. Just like you wouldn’t decide on the terms of a merger on a whim or invest in a new business software after an impromptu request, salary negotiations are best approached with some preparation and research.

Have Your Reasons Ready

At the executive level, it’s no doubt you have a long list of impressive achievements and experiences. If your contributions and projects have led to greater revenue, increased brand awareness, or cinching a profitable account, you can reference these data points as support for your request. It may also be beneficial to share past performance reports and other business accolades that can help establish your value and move the negotiation forward.

Be Confident

While arrogance and entitlement won’t help you, a healthy confidence will. Standing behind your achievements and understanding your value as an asset to your organization may help your bosses agree to your salary ask. Having a positive, confident attitude about what you are able to bring to the position and the business is a compelling reason to compensate accordingly.

Find a Career You Love!

If you’re looking to make a career move, move into a leadership position or are ready to find a company that will meet your salary needs, get in touch with one of our executive recruiting specialists today, so we can help you find the right fit for your next career step.

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