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A big mistake people make is not updating their resumes every year.

When we are content in a job or simply busy, we tend to overlook this necessary task. The fact is that our memories get fuzzy over time and we either forget or replace important details. Studies have shown that over 80% of resumes contain at least one material error or misstatement. Some portion of these are intentional, no doubt. I do like to believe the most are unintentional and if updated it at least once a year, we would have a more accurate document of our responsibilities and accomplishments.

How to go about this? Simple, use the STAR technique.

  1. Make sure your resume reflects your situation (or context including business, title, area of responsibility, etc.).
  2. Make sure your responsibilities are described. I prefer that candidates do not make a bulleted boilerplate but instead, give a description of responsibilities in a sentence or two.
  3. What actions did you take directly or participate in that addressed or solved problems or projects? Think about things like software implementations, process improvements, product design, novel marketing campaigns and so on.
  4. For each of these actions you performed, what were the results? It is best to quantify results whenever possible. This is where a candidate can really highlight their value-add to the team and enterprise. Success here provides a demonstration of your capabilities against the market (against your peer group) and of how you can add value beyond simply maintaining a set of responsibilities.

This is a terrific exercise for everyone.

Whether a person intends to look for a new job or needs to prepare to discuss bonuses, raises, and promotion opportunities. It guarantees that a person has clarity in communicating value and value, or the perception of it, is where every negotiation for promotions, new jobs and such should start.

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