How Big Time Analytics Are Affecting Your Recruitment Strategy

More than ever, data drives the decisions businesses make. With access to more information and the technology to help analyze and interpret it, businesses have the necessary tools to help them make smarter, faster decisions in every area of an organization from marketing to HR.

Big data and analytics have changed the hiring and recruitment policies and procedures of many businesses already. Here are some of the changes and improvements that HR has seen thanks to better data and analytics.

1. Intelligent Hiring and Candidate Match

Recruitment software is now able to smartly sort your applicants. Software can automatically scan resumes and candidate experience and present you with the best matches, cutting down the time you spend finding potential fits for the role. This can help match the most qualified candidates to the position faster.

2. Better Understanding of Best Recruitment Methods

Finding the best talent is always worth the investment, as finding the right assets for your business can help you succeed. Still, employers want to spend their recruitment budgets wisely, and analytics can help with that. Rather than spending money to list your job posting on every job board, analytics can tell you which recruitment channels have performed best for your business and help you funnel your budget towards the outlets that are likely to bring you the best quality matches. Some recruitment platforms are even able to invite job seekers to apply to positions they might be qualified for based on keyword matches and analysis.

3. Clear Picture of Staffing Needs and Retention Rates

Analytics can help you understand trends in your business and make adjustments as necessary. Does your organization experience high levels of turnover at a certain time of year? Is turnover linked to a specific team, department or supervisor? Does a certain season dictate longer hours and overtime pay that might be better handled by temporary staffing? Analytics can help you identify the areas of your business that can benefit from more HR attention.

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