3 Things Healthcare Executives Are Looking For in a Job Offer

Healthcare continues to grow as an industry, requiring strong leadership to be successful. How can you get your choice for a healthcare executive to say yes? Here’s what healthcare executives find important in a job offer.

Strong Compensation

It might seem obvious that executives want to discuss salary before settling on an employee agreement. The best way to avoid long negotiations and back and forth is to provide a fair offer in the initial offer letter. Asking a candidate about their expectations is a good first step to understanding what your base offer should be. Researching what similar positions are paying can also help you can write a competitive offer and get closer to a ‘yes’, faster.

Significant Perks

Executives often expect certain allowances in their position. If you don’t already have an executive perks package, consider adding relevant bonuses outside of straight compensation. A car allowance, wardrobe or clothing allowance, company phone and technology stipend, childcare allowance, and relocation costs if applicable are all attractive perks for executive employees.

Review Your PTO Policy

It’s crucial your executive team members be willing to put in the hours to help steer the business. By the time employees reach the executive level, candidates often expect a significant amount of time off to provide the balance to their extensive commitment to their job responsibilities. It’s also important that every employee – especially leadership in high-stress positions – have enough time to recharge and relax to come back to job energized and focused.

Find Top Healthcare Executives Today!

Bringing on board a healthcare executive can be an important step for your business. We can help you find the right person for the job – and help you negotiate the details along the way. Our industry knowledge and understanding can assist you in getting the important details right to secure the best talent. Contact one of our top executive recruiters today!

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