New Year, New Career Goals. 3 Tips to Grow Your Career

Whether you’re looking for ways to climb the corporate ladder at your company, break into a new industry, or start an entirely new career path, the new year is a great time to make a fresh start and focus on your career goals. Here are some of the best ways you can make your career growth dreams a reality.

1. Prioritize your personal time.

Chances are, a good chunk of your time is tied up in your existing job, with the rest of your daily hours dedicated to things like family time, hobbies, and getting some much-needed rest. Truly making a career change requires a time commitment, which might mean changing how your free time is structured. If you used to spend an hour every day after work playing Xbox, it might be time to substitute that time three days a week with an online training course curriculum. Weekends might mean devoting some time to a business leadership reading list. Your lunch and commute time might be better spent listening to podcasts that help you define your interests and build your knowledge. Whatever career you want to have in the new year, make sure your free time supports your goals to get there.

2. Take training seriously.

If you’re looking to break into a new industry or want to excel at leadership in your current industry, job experience is only one part of the process. Take training classes offered at your company, find courses through your local community center, or find an online course that strengthens the skills you need to advance.

3. Make the right connections.

This might be one of the most crucial aspects to career growth and change. Talk to your friends, former co-workers and neighbors about job opportunities. Use old college connections – like student networks or professors – to help find potential job postings in your field or in the field you want to be in. Work with a professional recruiting company and use their expertise to help you find the positions that make the most sense by balancing your skill set, knowledge and career goals.

We Want to Help You Reach Your Goals!

This year, we can help you find the right career fit for you. Get in touch with our executive recruiters today to start your search and make this the year you get closer to your dream job.

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