How to Recruit Executives That Aren't in Your Company's Geographic Location

Executive leadership spots are some of the hardest to source and fill. Why? Partly because the expectations of candidates at that level are very high, but also because most executives aren’t searching LinkedIn or job boards for their next position – they’re often at their desks, working to make an impact at the company they’re currently working for. That’s why it might be more important than ever to consider going outside your normal search ratio to find your next executive employee.

1. Don’t be passive.

When it comes to finding the very best talent, you can’t wait for them to find you or stumble on your job listing. Sometimes you even have to hunt outside your area. This is certainly a bigger investment of time on behalf of your HR team or recruitment partners, but it’s one that almost always has a high ROI. You don’t want to just settle for candidates because they’re close – you want to find the ones that support your business goals and have the right skills and attitude to help propel your company forward.

2. Have a clear (and positive) company culture.

If your desired executive talent could work anywhere, why would they choose to relocate to your area? Because the best job fits go beyond meeting a set of job expectations. One of the most important things to consider when it comes to bringing in top talent is making sure your company culture is attractive to candidates by being inclusive, collaborative and organized.

3. Offer relocation expenses.

Most companies know this goes without saying – when they find someone they think will be perfect for a position, they want to entice them to move by making it easier for them financially and logistically. But beyond just moving expenses – like a moving truck, movers and housing expenses – ask your candidate what they need or would benefit from. Maybe they need consideration for pet expenses or childcare; connect with your candidate and show them your business is invested in their future.

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