Every company wants to fill open positions with the best possible candidate. They might have a whole list of “musts” as a set of criteria that candidates need to meet to be considered. The truth is that this kind of thinking might be preventing you from finding the right fit. Here’s what to consider.

What’s Most Important?

When looking for a new hire, a business will usually consider factors like education, industry experience, skill set, projects worked on, job tenure, growth, professional certificates and other factors. Chances are that many employees will excel in some of these areas but not check every box completely. It’s important to understand what the most important hiring criteria are. If the job requires solid industry experience, it makes sense to focus on only candidates who exhibit that level of experience. But sometimes a business is more focused on a culture fit than someone with a perfect portfolio. Ask yourself what your business’s priority is.

Look for Learners

This is especially true for entry-level positions, where experience may be lacking and training a candidate into the kind of employee you need is crucial. But it also applies to higher-level hires. If you want to hire a COO who has only ever worked for large organizations or they’ve only ever worked in the technology sector, you can work with them to take their relevant experience and knowledge and apply it to your organization.

Innovation Matters

If you’re hesitant to hire someone from a different industry or with a different educational background, look closely at their resume or ask questions in the interview that relate to innovation. Sometimes the ability to innovate, think creatively, and improve and advance techniques, processes, or products is a huge asset in any industry.

Don’t Let the Search for “Perfect” Slow You Down!

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