Executive search works differently than regular recruitment or HR staffing. Some companies wonder if the investment is worth it, and struggle to really understand the function and purpose of executive search firms. Here are some myths about executive job search – and what to know instead.

1. Search firms are an unnecessary expense when job boards exist.

In the age of social media, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed are among the top spots job seekers will start their search. Therein lies the trouble – usually only people seeking a new job or change of position are on these job boards, seeing a business’s post. What about the rest of the workforce who might be highly qualified and just need to have someone reach out to them to initiate a conversation about a change? Executive search firms help you do exactly that.

2. A company’s HR team is all you need to find the best talent.

HR teams are made up of talented, hardworking people. They are also busy people – handling payroll, compliance, benefits administration, training, and more. Even the most dedicated recruiters working in on-site HR positions don’t always have the time, resources or experience to source candidates for every level of business or every position. That’s why it makes sense to partner with a firm made up of industry experts.

3. Hiring someone on a personal recommendation can save money.

The cost of a new executive hire can average $50,000 per employee. Some businesses believe hiring someone like a friend or family member is a safe bet to save that money and fill the position. It turns out not hiring someone with the right expertise can actually cost a business money in the long run by slowing down decisions, creating ineffective policies, or even damaging your business’s reputation through inexperience.

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