Making HR decisions can always be risky. You need quality people you can depend on to make an impact on the business, but you never quite know how it might all play out. Talent pipelining helps you take back a bit more control of the hiring process and can reduce the risk of getting stuck with the wrong candidate.

Instead of just waiting for positions to open up, and then starting the search to find candidates, talent pipelining helps businesses create a database of potential talent that can be used anytime there’s a job opportunity, saving valuable time and increasing the likelihood of a good long-term employee fit. Here are some of the benefits to filling your talent pipeline.

Shorter time-to-fill.

With talent pipelining, you already have wider network and more candidate knowledge from which to draw potential employees from.

Better employee relationships.

Because talent pipelining switches the HR focus from reactive to proactive recruiting, employers have more time to understand candidate personalities, work styles and more. Pipelining involves more conversations over time, instead of just the standard set of interviews. Getting to know a candidate over a longer time gives employers a better sense of whether that employee will fit into their organization and helps employees feel like they are more than just a position fill, but someone who is wanted and welcome on the team.

Deeper employee knowledge.

Longer-term relationships are often better, deeper relationships. Employers who get to know candidates before they even come in for an interview have a much better idea of what motivates them, what they’re looking for a position, and what they would need to leave their current position. Even if a qualified candidate in the pipeline decides not to join your team, the relationship you’ve built still has value.

If you’re looking to make more intelligent hiring decisions, consider talent pipelining as part of your recruitment process. Creating relationships within the industry can only help strengthen your recruitment position.

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