Managers play a crucial role at every business. In addition to delegating responsibilities, driving productivity, keeping track of project deadlines, and often playing the role of coach, motivational speaker or mediator. If you want to see the best work out of your employees, you need to become the best version of manager you can. Here are some management tips to help you on your way.

Keep expectations crystal clear.

Employees need to know what’s expected of them. Organizing important details and scheduling regular communications with both individuals and teams is foundational in becoming a better manager. It’s also okay to say, “I don’t know” and go find out.

Only hire who you can trust.

Employees don’t perform well when they’re micromanaged. While one of your responsibilities is ensuring that people stay on task and projects get completed, it’s better to fill your team with the people you trust to be able to do that, rather than following up constantly to drive results. If you hire the right people and train them well, you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary back and forth.

Get a mentor.

One of the best ways to improve your manager skills is to seek the guidance of an expert. Whether this is someone in your office you admire, an old professor or even just a business leader with a best-selling book, it’s important to continue growing and learning on your management journey.

Balance feedback with motivation.

Part of your role as manager will no doubt involve saying “this isn’t good enough” or “this isn’t right” at some point. This doesn’t have to be torture for you or your employees. Reminding them of both what they’ve done right, as well as how their contributions help the team, can make feedback impactful without seeming critical. No matter what you’re communicating, make sure it’s respectful and professional above all.

Know when to say no.

Part of being a manager means setting boundaries. Whether it’s protecting your team from the disruptive behavior of one team member or setting boundaries on how much additional work your team can take on and maintain quality, saying no, firmly and respectfully, is a crucial part of management.

The best managers aren’t those that are best friends with everyone. They understand they’re trying to steer a whole team towards the same goals. This isn’t an easy task and it requires a lot of hard work and fine-tuning along the way.

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