“Passive” candidates are an overlooked and undervalued part of the talent pool that employers draw from in their candidate searches. Passive candidates refer to those who have the right background, qualifications, and skillset, but aren’t actively looking for a new opportunity. Many of them, however, are open to the right opportunity and would think about switching jobs under the right circumstances.

So, how can you reach out to them in an effective way and actually entice them to leave their current job and consider joining your company?

Use the right method.

Most people prefer to be contacted over email. This gives them the ability to do some research and respond back when it makes sense for them. Phone calls are acceptable too, just be sure never to contact them on their work or office phone. Social media should be largely avoided when it comes to recruiting passive candidates, and even those that use LinkedIn professionally don’t necessarily respond well to InMail, if for no other reason than most people check their email more than their LinkedIn profile.

Be direct.

Make sure your message is clear and to the point. Your message should highlight that their talent and experience has caught your eye and you have an opportunity they might be perfect for, but make sure you point out how this benefits them. You can close with an invite for a phone call or even a cup of coffee just to talk.

Follow up.

Respectfully asking for a reply can help prompt a candidate to get in touch with you, and it’s okay to follow up after a few days to extend your invitation again. Even if your contact doesn’t lead to a recruited candidate, the connection is still valuable. They may consider your company the next time they want to make a change or refer another talented candidate, expanding your reach.

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