Great hires don’t grow on trees, but they are foundational to the success of your business. Everyone is always looking to secure that great candidate, and a competitive business landscape makes it more difficult to get connected with the right talent. Here are six ways to improve your hiring process and better recruit standout talent.

Ask the right questions.

Usually job ads start with asking what qualifications and education a candidate needs to bring to the table. These are worthwhile questions; however, it’s also important to ask what a candidate will need to be successful. Should they be resourceful? Flexible? Goal oriented? Creative?

Presource talent.

You don’t have to wait for applicants to find your job and apply. You can reach out to people you think would be a good fit, have the right skills, or would consider this a strong career move.

Understand the purpose of an interview.

An interview is as much about you assessing a candidate as it is them assessing you. Keeping the interview framed as a back-and-forth conversation can make the process better for everyone. Making the job seem like a good fit for them is as important as them being a good fit for the job, and very important in their decision making.

Reframe the job.

If candidates can see themselves at your business for the long term, they’re more likely to accept an offer and stay with your organization. It’s important for your business to help candidates believe your company is a place they can grow their skills and career, not just a place that needs the current skills they have. Offering a career path can be more enticing than compensation for some people.

Keep expectations clear.

It’s important the job description matches the actual day-to-day work. Employees need to have the right information and expectations to be successful, and the more successful they are, the better it is for your business.

Effectively manage performance and development.

The employee experience doesn’t end at the offer letter. A successful hire can be partially assessed by how long an employee stays with your organization and the impact they make – things that need to be measured by performance evaluations and developed with training and education.

Actively approaching the hiring process from a different angle can help you connect with better quality candidates and also make it more likely they’ll come work for you. Using a relationship approach that’s employee-centric can be helpful in recruiting and retaining talent.

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