Finding top talent is a top priority of successful businesses, but recruitment best practices can change over time, affected by things like technology, job markets, economics and more. That’s why it’s important to track trends and keep an eye out, so you don’t get left behind or lose a competitive edge when it comes to hiring.

LinkedIn, the most popular professional social network, has identified the top recruitment trends of 2019 to be aware of.

Soft skills

Experts note that not every hard skill – such as programming languages or design programs – will be static and unchanging. Technology can change rapidly, and while hiring for the necessary skills is important to get the job done today, it’s also important to look for skills like creativity, adaptability and resourcefulness to deal with inevitable changes.

Work flexibility

Most modern employees are looking for more flexibility in their day-to-day work. This can mean remote work, flexible start times or simply more PTO to help manage work and life. Workplace flexibility can be easily managed with technology, enabling collaboration and productivity.


Harassment has no room in the workplace. Creating a respectful, healthy corporate culture can attract and retain the best talent and create a positive reputation for your business that will draw in not only potential talent but also clients, customers and partner organizations. Respectful cultures include listening, honesty and a no-tolerance policy for hatred and harassment of any kind.

Pay transparency

More and more candidates are looking to have a better idea of what they can expect to earn at their job before they accept a job offer. This helps make job searches easier for everyone, both applicants and employers. Pay transparency can help you attract the most qualified candidates and not waste your time with applicants who won’t accept your pay range.

Highlighting and focusing on these four areas of recruitment and candidate search may help you find the talent that will support your continued business growth. We can help too. Our executive talent network and years of experience can help your recruitment efforts. Contact our Houston executive recruiters today.

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