Job descriptions matter. It’s not enough to just create a bulleted list of criteria with a boring blurb about what the role’s responsibilities will be. A job description can be the first way a person interacts with your brand’s personality. It’s a place to showcase and share your values, your business goals and the kind of people you want to hire to propel your mission forward.

Here are some things to know:

Shorter is better.

Like all content consumption on the internet these days, people are looking for ways to get to the point faster. If you’re writing job posts that include every detail of what the role entails, people are going to lose interest before they ever apply. Job searchers only spend about 14 seconds reviewing a job posting, and shorter descriptions get almost 9 percent more applicants.

Including salary range is important.

Having an estimated salary in your job description matters to more than half of people applying for jobs. You don’t want it to overshadow the needs and opportunities of the position, but you can also weed out applicants who won’t accept the salary offers you’re prepared to make.

Company details aren’t the most important things to include.

Surprisingly, applicants are usually interested in company history and culture later in the process. This is good news for those wanting to craft shorter job descriptions. Most candidates are looking for basic information, like compensation, necessary qualifications, daily responsibilities and performance metrics.

Post job descriptions on a Monday.

More candidates are likely to apply for work early in the week, when their energy and interest are higher. Responsibilities and distractions at their own jobs may only grow as a week progresses. To attract the top talent of job seekers, you need to make sure you meet them where they’re at.

Understanding how job seekers think and behave is important in understanding how to craft compelling job descriptions that people will actually respond to. Using these stats can help you write better job descriptions to attract better candidates.

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