There are plenty of questions to ask during an interview that will help you determine if that candidate has the skills, experience and cultural fit to work in your organization. There are also some questions to think about afterwards to help accurately assess your conversation with the candidate.

1. Is your candidate invested in your business?

It’s important to know that a candidate is interested in not just a pay raise, a promotion or a new position, but interested in your business. The best candidates are the ones that align with your business goals and respect your business history. You want to make sure that someone you’re hiring – particularly for an executive-level position – has done their homework on your brand and wants to use their skills and talents to make a contribution at your company.

2. Does the candidate need to interview with anyone else?

Maybe the applicant has met with everyone a candidate for that position would traditionally interview with; however, ask yourself it makes sense for them to meet with anyone else. It doesn’t even need to be someone who’s assessing them for their leadership skills or financial savvy – it can be a team member who has been with your company a long time and has valuable insight.

3. When would this person need to start?

Sometimes this question is easy – ASAP. But it can often be challenging to align business timelines with personal candidate needs. Plus a business needs to carefully consider candidates, conduct background checks and go through other steps before and after an offer, so it’s important to consider this question after understanding an applicant’s timeline.

4. Can this person help your business meet its mission?

One of the most important questions to ask is whether the candidate is truly qualified. Maybe they look great on paper and have a prestigious resume and impeccable references. But can they – with their combined skill set, personality and aspiration – fit the specific criteria your business needs to grow and thrive?

These are important questions to consider after an executive interview. Finding the right fit is a process that takes time and deliberation, and it’s important to consider how a candidate fits into the big picture of your business.

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