Even the best businesses will lose employees. People move or change fields, go back to school or decide another company is a better fit. Most employees know two weeks’ notice is standard between telling an employer they’re leaving and starting another job. This gives companies some room to start the process of looking for a replacement and allows managers to help wrap up pending projects, temporarily distribute responsibilities to other team members; and work with HR on the hiring process.

Here’s what to focus on during the employee resignation and off-boarding process.

1. Focus on the transition and training

Sometimes a replacement can be hired or promoted in time for the exiting employee to work with them and offer guidance and training to help facilitate the transition. In the cases where that’s not a possibility, it’s important to work with the person resigning and have the best possible understanding of their current roles, responsibilities and projects to keep from delaying projects or interrupting business operations.

2. Give notice

Just like your employee needs to communicate their resignation to you, your needs to make sure to communicate it to whomever needs to know. For some organizations, this means sending out an all-employee email and taking the time to wish the resigning employee good luck on their next endeavor. Some companies use this as an opportunity to thank their employee for their contributions, while other companies will send out one monthly communication listing the comings and goings of new and departing employees and make sure everyone is in the loop. The most important thing is the information is communicated. Managers and employees should also communicate with any vendors or outside parties that have regular dealings with the employee that is resigning and make sure they know who to deal with going forward.

3. Conduct a final interview

Off-boarding interviews give the company a chance to get honest feedback from employees about their time with the company. Is there anything the company could have done to get them to stay in their position? What did they like about working there? What do they wish had been different?

Employee resignation doesn’t have to be stressful

Having a process in place to handle employee departures is an important piece of HR and helps companies avoid anxiety around normal turnover. If you’re looking to fill a vacancy or find a great replacement for a resigning employee, contact our executive recruiters today.

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