Have you ever noticed when the heat rises, productivity slumps? It’s common to find offices facing a downturn in morale and energy after Memorial Day and an increase in distraction and unengaged employees. This can come from the stress of having kids out of school, coordinating before and after work activities, an upcoming (or past) summer vacation, or even just the weather itself.

Here’s how to keep employees motivated and engaged all season long.

1. Focus on Environment

What are the elements of your workplace that get people excited to be there? Standing desks? Greenery? Fun art? A zen room? Consider adding features to your space that are inspiring and energizing for your team.

2. Create Collaboration

Plan ahead for activities that give employees a break while bringing them together. Host a summer BBQ, picnic or have an employee smoothie and ice cream happy hour once a week. If you’re feeling particularly festive or want to celebrate a huge achievement, consider taking the whole company to a baseball game or summer festival.

3. Think Themes

Embrace the summer season and watch engagement grow. Consider hosting themed contest events or raffle prizes like a Hawaiian shirt fashion show where the winner gets a gift card for a weekend at a splash park. Host a summer book club with a beach-themed book or get departments together to start a community garden plot.

4. Add Flexibility

Some companies offer the option to dress down or be more casual during the summer months, while others reduce work hours on Friday to half days from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Look for creative ways to give your employees something additional to look forward to or incentivize them during the week to help keep the summer slump at bay.

5. Get Feedback

The best way to plan for summer is to ask employees what they’d benefit from most; it not only assures the best investment of your money and time, it will help your employees immediately feel more engaged and valued.

Be proactive when it comes to your office this summer. Make plans to kick off some summer events and keep boredom down and summer performance up.

If you’re looking to fill roles in your leadership team this summer, give us a call. We can help you find the best talent, no matter what season it is. Start your search with us today.

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