You want your executives to have a solid track record of business gains and experience working on projects and strategies that relate to your industry. But are there other, more intangible, qualities that make certain executives more successful than others?

Here are some of the most important attributes to look for when hiring your next executive.


The best leaders know when to ask and when to decide. Being decisive doesn’t mean ignoring input or criticism, it means someone is able to consider the actions and act. Business moves fast and it’s important to have executives at the helm who can make hard decisions and even know when to not decide right away.


The most impactful executives are ones who engage effectively with their team, from other leaders to the entry-level employers. Engagement isn’t necessarily about being liked, but about understanding what’s at stake business-wide. Finding out what represents the best interests of the company is influenced by engaging in meaningful ways with the people who work for the company.


Not all of your executive’s time will go to delegating and making decisions – they’ll also be looking into what decisions to make. You don’t want an executive candidate who only ever reacts to crises. It’s certainly an important quality to be able to work a problem and find solutions to business challenges, but it’s also useful to your company if your C-suite leaders are looking for ways to improve what’s already in place and anticipate potential pain points.


There’s going to come a time when things don’t go as planned. Do you think your candidate can handle it? Ask them about the last time in their career something they’d never dealt with came across their desk, and how they dealt with it.

While these qualities can certainly help guide your search, there is no one-size-fits-all measure of deciding what candidate will be most successful in an executive position within your company. The most important thing is to know what your company values and where it wants to be, and hire for that.

Hiring the right executive talent for your team doesn’t have to be difficult.

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