About Us

EvolvingTalentGroup was founded to bring a more nuanced approach to executive and professional search. Our executive search consultants understand both the marketplace and the industries they serve.

Our mission

We focus on helping clients achieve their best outcome when it comes to the identification, attraction, selection and retention of the right talent at the right time.

How do we achieve this goal?

We bring a long-term perspective to every talent challenge. We work to understand the needs and goals of not just our employer partners, but also the candidates we place.

Ideally, we work with candidates throughout their careers, from the first leadership placement, through the progression of their careers, to the day they contact us to fill an open role.

We actively look for ways to add value with each candidate interaction. That might be reformatting a resume, sharing market intelligence, preparing and executing a discreet marketing campaign for exceptional candidates, interview preparation and much more.

The advantage for hiring teams?

EvolvingTalentGroup knows where the high performers and proven leaders are currently working. We know when they might be ready for their next move or if your story and culture will intrigue them.

Your ultimate advantage? Access to the best possible talent, not the best available talent.

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