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After a couple years of radio silence from a client and most of my original contacts moving to other companies, I got a call from their talent acquisition team. They had found some notes in their system relating to past work performed. They had a problem. More precisely, one of their internal clients had a problem. The… Read more »

Is past performance the best indicator of future results? What if we are talking about promoting the best sales rep in your company into an executive leadership role? From a recent Harvard Business Review article, most organizations continue to promote people into leadership roles assuming the attributes that made them successful as an individual performer will… Read more »

We live in a culture where most people won’t buy a product or check out a new restaurant without first checking out the online reviews. In a lot of cases, this is good for businesses – it forces them to push themselves to innovate and consistently deliver the best products and services because they know… Read more »

The costs of hiring continues to rise. Between the price of listing on various job boards, the cost of lost productivity associated with open positions, and the labor and time spent sorting resumes, scheduling interviews, and writing recruitment emails, the cost of acquiring the talent your business needs can add up quickly. Here are some… Read more »

There’s no one-size-fits-all definition of leadership, and leaders come from all backgrounds with many different personalities. The one common factor for developing as a great leader though is this: becoming a great leader takes time and experience. Here are some of the most important habits to regularly practice establishing a foundation for strong leadership. Practice… Read more »

It’s safe to say the hiring process has been impacted by technology. In many ways, this has been an asset to companies. They have access to more data and analysis, allowing them to make better, smarter hiring decisions. They’re able to connect with better quality candidates, reduce time to fill positions, and save time and… Read more »

You already know your employees are the most valuable part of your team. When you factor in the average cost of recruiting, you have a good idea of how expensive it can be to lose top talent. The real cost of losing employees varies based on positions, but it can be costly to lose a… Read more »

You want your executives to have a solid track record of business gains and experience working on projects and strategies that relate to your industry. But are there other, more intangible, qualities that make certain executives more successful than others? Here are some of the most important attributes to look for when hiring your next… Read more »

What happens if you get a job offer at a company, you’re excited to make an impact at, but the offer comes in at a much lower salary than you were expecting, or feel is fair? Follow these tips to figure out what to do if you get a lowball salary offer. 1. Don’t Accept… Read more »

There is a critical difference between contingent staffing and retained search – that difference is candidate neutrality. It might seem a bit odd on the surface. Don’t recruiters champion their own candidates? If you are a client, buying the services of a recruiter, this is one of the most critical differences that directly impacts the… Read more »