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Have you ever noticed when the heat rises, productivity slumps? It’s common to find offices facing a downturn in morale and energy after Memorial Day and an increase in distraction and unengaged employees. This can come from the stress of having kids out of school, coordinating before and after work activities, an upcoming (or past)… Read more »

Technology can change everything. Advances in technology usually lead to more accurate data, better processes and better, faster results. The future of oil and gas will be determined by upcoming technology that stands to change the market. Here are the tech trends to keep an eye on. 1. Blockchain Blockchain reduces the risk of fraud… Read more »

Your HR team has a lot going on – from ensuring compliance to managing payroll to recruiting and retaining the best talent. With all of this going on, handling your own hiring isn’t always the most effective way to recruit. Here are three ways your company can save by outsourcing some of your hiring responsibilities…. Read more »

Even the best businesses will lose employees. People move or change fields, go back to school or decide another company is a better fit. Most employees know two weeks’ notice is standard between telling an employer they’re leaving and starting another job. This gives companies some room to start the process of looking for a… Read more »

There are plenty of questions to ask during an interview that will help you determine if that candidate has the skills, experience and cultural fit to work in your organization. There are also some questions to think about afterwards to help accurately assess your conversation with the candidate. 1. Is your candidate invested in your… Read more »

Job descriptions matter. It’s not enough to just create a bulleted list of criteria with a boring blurb about what the role’s responsibilities will be. A job description can be the first way a person interacts with your brand’s personality. It’s a place to showcase and share your values, your business goals and the kind… Read more »

It’s normal to wonder if you’re in the right job from time to time. People can get frustrated and feel dissatisfied with work for a number of reasons, and it doesn’t always mean the job isn’t good for them or where they can make the most impact. But sometimes that lingering, nagging feeling of doubt… Read more »

Finding top talent is a top priority of successful businesses, but recruitment best practices can change over time, affected by things like technology, job markets, economics and more. That’s why it’s important to track trends and keep an eye out, so you don’t get left behind or lose a competitive edge when it comes to… Read more »

Great hires don’t grow on trees, but they are foundational to the success of your business. Everyone is always looking to secure that great candidate, and a competitive business landscape makes it more difficult to get connected with the right talent. Here are six ways to improve your hiring process and better recruit standout talent…. Read more »