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Making HR decisions can always be risky. You need quality people you can depend on to make an impact on the business, but you never quite know how it might all play out. Talent pipelining helps you take back a bit more control of the hiring process and can reduce the risk of getting stuck… Read more »

Executive search works differently than regular recruitment or HR staffing. Some companies wonder if the investment is worth it, and struggle to really understand the function and purpose of executive search firms. Here are some myths about executive job search – and what to know instead. 1. Search firms are an unnecessary expense when job… Read more »

HOUSTON, Tex.—Feb. 25, 2019—Evolving Talent Group, a Houston-based executive search firm, has named healthcare recruitment expert Katherine Beal-Roblin partner in charge of life sciences and healthcare. “Katherine is an excellent addition to our organization,” said ETG partners and founders John Light and Kevin Stewart. “We are thrilled she is bringing her life sciences and healthcare… Read more »

Every company wants to fill open positions with the best possible candidate. They might have a whole list of “musts” as a set of criteria that candidates need to meet to be considered. The truth is that this kind of thinking might be preventing you from finding the right fit. Here’s what to consider. What’s… Read more »


Finding the right place to make your next career move depends on a lot of things, including a solid company culture, benefits package, and an interesting and challenging position. One of the most important things many candidates consider when accepting a job, however, is salary – especially in executive and leadership positions, which require more… Read more »


Mark your calendars for May 6– 9 2019 when industry leaders and professionals will gather in Houston for the annual Offshore Technology Conference. This year will be the 50th Offshore Technology conference and features a full itinerary of speakers and educators, as well as speakers and attendees from all over the world. Over 100 countries… Read more »

How to Recruit Executives That Aren't in Your Company's Geographic Location

Executive leadership spots are some of the hardest to source and fill. Why? Partly because the expectations of candidates at that level are very high, but also because most executives aren’t searching LinkedIn or job boards for their next position – they’re often at their desks, working to make an impact at the company they’re… Read more »

Retained Search vs. Contingency Recruitment Explained

When working with a recruiter to help you fill roles at your organization, there are two basic types of recruitment and search strategy: retained and contingency. Here are the differences and what they mean for your business. Retained Search Much like a lawyer who works on retainer, recruiters who perform retained searches charge clients upfront… Read more »

New Year, New Career Goals. 3 Tips to Grow Your Career

Whether you’re looking for ways to climb the corporate ladder at your company, break into a new industry, or start an entirely new career path, the new year is a great time to make a fresh start and focus on your career goals. Here are some of the best ways you can make your career… Read more »

Expectations are interesting things. We tend to go into a new year expecting things to be better or worse, depending on numerous factors. Let’s consider this a bit differently, though, because expectations can vary so widely from person to person, I wonder why? In my experience, one of the hardest things to do in life… Read more »