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5 TED Talks to Start Your Year on the Right Note

TED Talks have become infamous over the last ten years. TED – short for Technology, Entertainment, and Design – began as a business conference in 1984 and has grown in popularity. TED talks are led by leaders and thinkers from industries and businesses all over the world, and in just 18 minutes or less, these… Read more »

3 Things Healthcare Executives Are Looking For in a Job Offer

Healthcare continues to grow as an industry, requiring strong leadership to be successful. How can you get your choice for a healthcare executive to say yes? Here’s what healthcare executives find important in a job offer. Strong Compensation It might seem obvious that executives want to discuss salary before settling on an employee agreement. The… Read more »

How Big Time Analytics Are Affecting Your Recruitment Strategy

More than ever, data drives the decisions businesses make. With access to more information and the technology to help analyze and interpret it, businesses have the necessary tools to help them make smarter, faster decisions in every area of an organization from marketing to HR. Big data and analytics have changed the hiring and recruitment… Read more »

Are you ready for 2019? What about for your next opportunity? A big mistake people make is not updating their resumes every year. When we are content in a job or simply busy, we tend to overlook this necessary task. The fact is that our memories get fuzzy over time and we either forget or… Read more »

The Best Ways to Negotiate Your Executive Salary

No matter where you are in your career, there are ways to approach salary negotiations that can not only improve the odds of getting your desired compensation but also help solidify your place as a competent leader in your organization. Put a Conversation on the Calendar There are typically two times a salary negotiation conversation… Read more »

What Are the Most In-Demand Oil & Gas Jobs to Recruit For?

Hiring trends can change year after year, and with this year coming to a close, businesses might be looking to bring talent into their team in the coming year, while some experienced employees might be looking to make a change. As more of the current oil and gas industry employees move into retirement, there are… Read more »

Candidates, especially professional and executive candidates, are spoiled for choices in today’s market. Unemployment is under 4% for the entire country.  For licensed professionals it is even lower.  For the first time in forever, open jobs exceed available candidates by a huge margin. When faced with the perception that there are too many choices, candidates… Read more »

Are Social Media Profiles Making Resumes Irrelevant?

Many people live some part of their lives on social media – whether it’s photo blogging on Instagram or networking on LinkedIn, we all have an online persona that showcases some part of our lives for public consumption and sharing. For years now, social media presence has been a consideration when it comes to searching… Read more »

Is Artificial Intelligence Influencing the Oil and Gas Industry?

AI is everywhere – from the algorithms that run social media to the chatbots on retail web pages to the voice assistants on our phones, artificial intelligence is helping both businesses and consumers increase efficiency, be more productive, and sift through the ever-growing amount of information available. Here are some ways the oil and gas… Read more »

Unemployment rates are at record lows. Licensed professionals, like Professional Engineering and Certified Public Accountants, have even lower unemployment rates. Wages are rising. While many potential candidates are spoiled for choices, many potential employers are not. In fact, the market is way out of balance which makes attracting the top 10% of talent very, very… Read more »