Evolving Insights

Candidates, especially professional and executive candidates, are spoiled for choices in today’s market. Unemployment is under 4% for the entire country.  For licensed professionals it is even lower.  For the first time in forever, open jobs exceed available candidates by a huge margin. When faced with the perception that there are too many choices, candidates… Read more »

Are Social Media Profiles Making Resumes Irrelevant?

Many people live some part of their lives on social media – whether it’s photo blogging on Instagram or networking on LinkedIn, we all have an online persona that showcases some part of our lives for public consumption and sharing. For years now, social media presence has been a consideration when it comes to searching… Read more »

Is Artificial Intelligence Influencing the Oil and Gas Industry?

AI is everywhere – from the algorithms that run social media to the chatbots on retail web pages to the voice assistants on our phones, artificial intelligence is helping both businesses and consumers increase efficiency, be more productive, and sift through the ever-growing amount of information available. Here are some ways the oil and gas… Read more »

Unemployment rates are at record lows. Licensed professionals, like Professional Engineering and Certified Public Accountants, have even lower unemployment rates. Wages are rising. While many potential candidates are spoiled for choices, many potential employers are not. In fact, the market is way out of balance which makes attracting the top 10% of talent very, very… Read more »

4 Things to Consider When Relocating for an Engineering Job

What if the perfect opportunity comes along…but it’s 1,000 miles away? Finding the perfect job can be stressful and need to move for it can be expensive and taxing, even for adventurous job seekers. Here are four things to consider when it comes to packing up to further your career. 1. Ask for Relocation Expenses… Read more »

Simple Ways to Promote Diversity & Inclusion In Your Office

Many things contribute to a successful office environment and positive work culture. From good communication and collaboration to project management processes, there are several best practices that all businesses and management teams should employ to ensure their most positive, productive workforce. One key element to a more creative and engaged workplace is diversity and inclusion…. Read more »

Many years ago, I was trying to develop a system to quickly identify the best potential candidate fit for clients. It seemed like every candidate wanted more money, bigger titles, better commutes, work-life balance and so on.  It bugged me was that none of these things firmly addressed improving the probability of a successful hire…. Read more »

Annual reviews can be more than challenging; they can be downright daunting. Not only does carving out the time to write out a review, go over the review with your employees, and then file the paperwork sometimes seem impossible, it’s equally difficult to quantify the quality of someone’s work or motivate employees to meaningfully self-evaluate…. Read more »

Best Practices For Reducing Turnover and Increasing Employee Retention

Employees are not just the heart and soul of every organization – providing it with its personality and ultimately reputation with customers – they’re also the backbone of the day to day work that moves a business forward. Hiring the best employees is key to a successful, thriving organization, no matter what industry. Having an… Read more »

Hire slow and fire fast is an expression heard a lot in business conversations. The idea is to take your time while hiring and cut underperformers as soon as you see that they will not improve. Maybe it is time to consider getting the hire right the first time? The fact is, most companies we… Read more »