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Oil and Gas Executives

All businesses have their challenges, but some issues oil and gas executives have faced in 2018 are unique. Here are some roadblocks this industry has seen this year. Alternative Energy The consumer attention towards alternative forms of energy, including renewable energy and hybrid technologies, has caused some concern in the oil and gas markets. The… Read more »

When it comes to using an external source for making an important hire, nothing is more important than getting it right the first time. After all, who wants to spend budget dollars on an outside expert and get poor results? Many companies have turned to use contingent recruiting firms because no fee is payable until… Read more »

The Top Oil and Gas Conferences Executives Have On Their Radar!

The changes across the energy industry, particularly as it impacts oil and gas organizations, impact everyone in the profession from finance executives to business managers or engineers. Professional conferences are a fantastic chance to network with members of your industry, as well as learn about upcoming trends, opportunities, and potential challenges. So, what are the… Read more »

We all know that hiring in rich, competitive talent markets can be extremely difficult, especially when competing with organizations that will do anything to win. That is why many organizations are taking a more proactive approach. Talent pipelining is building a stable of fully vetted candidates before an actual need arises. Having candidates that have… Read more »

Retained search services are often employed by businesses in the market for senior-level executives. The process is both simple and effective for employers looking for top talent. Employers will work with a staffing company to set their qualifications for the position, such as years of experience, industry, education and other skills. They’ll also agree on… Read more »

One of the more challenging issues we face is determining what the recruitment and retention costs really are for a company. Corporate hiring and procurement teams have found it easy to focus on demanding lower fees from third-party recruiters, however, in most cases, what we have seen in really a transference of cost from one… Read more »

Important Questions C-Suite Level Candidates Should Be Able to Answer

The opportunity to work in executive leadership is a goal many people have at the beginning of their business careers. C-suite-level executives are at the top of their careers. They have the experience and the drive to lead teams and companies through new challenges and create innovative ideas to increase success. The added responsibility of… Read more »

Grow Your Professional Network With These 3 Easy Tips!

While networking takes time and effort, it doesn’t have to be hard work. It can even be a fun personal and professional challenge you set for yourself. Here are some easy dos and don’ts that everyone can use to grow their professional network. 1. Don’t Abuse LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great resource and most people… Read more »