Reduce Your Cost Per Hire with These Top-Notch Recruitment Strategies

The costs of hiring continues to rise. Between the price of listing on various job boards, the cost of lost productivity associated with open positions, and the labor and time spent sorting resumes, scheduling interviews, and writing recruitment emails, the cost of acquiring the talent your business needs can add up quickly. Here are some… Read more »

Do You Know the True Cost of Losing an Oil & Gas Executive?

You already know your employees are the most valuable part of your team. When you factor in the average cost of recruiting, you have a good idea of how expensive it can be to lose top talent. The real cost of losing employees varies based on positions, but it can be costly to lose a… Read more »

Beat the Heat and Boost Your Company Morale This Summer

Have you ever noticed when the heat rises, productivity slumps? It’s common to find offices facing a downturn in morale and energy after Memorial Day and an increase in distraction and unengaged employees. This can come from the stress of having kids out of school, coordinating before and after work activities, an upcoming (or past)… Read more »

Why Outsourcing Your Hiring Can Actually Cut Costs

Your HR team has a lot going on – from ensuring compliance to managing payroll to recruiting and retaining the best talent. With all of this going on, handling your own hiring isn’t always the most effective way to recruit. Here are three ways your company can save by outsourcing some of your hiring responsibilities…. Read more »

Best Practices for Handling Employee Resignation

Even the best businesses will lose employees. People move or change fields, go back to school or decide another company is a better fit. Most employees know two weeks’ notice is standard between telling an employer they’re leaving and starting another job. This gives companies some room to start the process of looking for a… Read more »

Become a Power Player in Your Office With These Management Tips!

Managers play a crucial role at every business. In addition to delegating responsibilities, driving productivity, keeping track of project deadlines, and often playing the role of coach, motivational speaker or mediator. If you want to see the best work out of your employees, you need to become the best version of manager you can. Here… Read more »

How To Improve Your Annual Review Process

Annual reviews can be more than challenging; they can be downright daunting. Not only does carving out the time to write out a review, go over the review with your employees, and then file the paperwork sometimes seem impossible, it’s equally difficult to quantify the quality of someone’s work or motivate employees to meaningfully self-evaluate…. Read more »

Best Practices For Reducing Turnover and Increasing Employee Retention

Best Practices For Reducing Turnover and Increasing Employee Retention

Employees are not just the heart and soul of every organization – providing it with its personality and ultimately reputation with customers – they’re also the backbone of the day to day work that moves a business forward. Hiring the best employees is key to a successful, thriving organization, no matter what industry. Having an… Read more »

Risky Retainers?

When it comes to using an external source for making an important hire, nothing is more important than getting it right the first time. After all, who wants to spend budget dollars on an outside expert and get poor results? Many companies have turned to use contingent recruiting firms because no fee is payable until… Read more »

Value of Talent Pipelining your Organization

We all know that hiring in rich, competitive talent markets can be extremely difficult, especially when competing with organizations that will do anything to win. That is why many organizations are taking a more proactive approach. Talent pipelining is building a stable of fully vetted candidates before an actual need arises. Having candidates that have… Read more »