Radio Silence Broken…with a Problem

After a couple years of radio silence from a client and most of my original contacts moving to other companies, I got a call from their talent acquisition team. They had found some notes in their system relating to past work performed. They had a problem. More precisely, one of their internal clients had a problem. The… Read more »

Does Past Performance Predict a Successful Hire or Promotion?

Is past performance the best indicator of future results? What if we are talking about promoting the best sales rep in your company into an executive leadership role? From a recent Harvard Business Review article, most organizations continue to promote people into leadership roles assuming the attributes that made them successful as an individual performer will… Read more »

3 Things to Do if You Feel Like Your Salary Was Lowballed

What happens if you get a job offer at a company, you’re excited to make an impact at, but the offer comes in at a much lower salary than you were expecting, or feel is fair? Follow these tips to figure out what to do if you get a lowball salary offer. 1. Don’t Accept… Read more »

Executive Search Firm Myths… Debunked!

Executive search works differently than regular recruitment or HR staffing. Some companies wonder if the investment is worth it, and struggle to really understand the function and purpose of executive search firms. Here are some myths about executive job search – and what to know instead. 1. Search firms are an unnecessary expense when job… Read more »

Katherine Beal-Roblin to Lead Evolving Talent Group’s Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice

HOUSTON, Tex.—Feb. 25, 2019—Evolving Talent Group, a Houston-based executive search firm, has named healthcare recruitment expert Katherine Beal-Roblin partner in charge of life sciences and healthcare. “Katherine is an excellent addition to our organization,” said ETG partners and founders John Light and Kevin Stewart. “We are thrilled she is bringing her life sciences and healthcare… Read more »

Are Social Media Profiles Making Resumes Irrelevant?

Are Social Media Profiles Making Resumes Irrelevant?

Many people live some part of their lives on social media – whether it’s photo blogging on Instagram or networking on LinkedIn, we all have an online persona that showcases some part of our lives for public consumption and sharing. For years now, social media presence has been a consideration when it comes to searching… Read more »

Simple Ways to Promote Diversity & Inclusion In Your Office

Simple Ways to Promote Diversity & Inclusion In Your Office

Many things contribute to a successful office environment and positive work culture. From good communication and collaboration to project management processes, there are several best practices that all businesses and management teams should employ to ensure their most positive, productive workforce. One key element to a more creative and engaged workplace is diversity and inclusion…. Read more »