Talent Evolving: Value of Candidate Neutrality

There is a critical difference between contingent staffing and retained search – that difference is candidate neutrality. It might seem a bit odd on the surface. Don’t recruiters champion their own candidates? If you are a client, buying the services of a recruiter, this is one of the most critical differences that directly impacts the… Read more »

Talent Evolving: What Are Your Expectations for 2019?

Expectations are interesting things. We tend to go into a new year expecting things to be better or worse, depending on numerous factors. Let’s consider this a bit differently, though, because expectations can vary so widely from person to person, I wonder why? In my experience, one of the hardest things to do in life… Read more »

Talent Evolving: How To Prepare For Your Job Search 2019

Are you ready for 2019? What about for your next opportunity? A big mistake people make is not updating their resumes every year. When we are content in a job or simply busy, we tend to overlook this necessary task. The fact is that our memories get fuzzy over time and we either forget or… Read more »

Talent Evolving: Why Are the Best Candidates Hard to Attract?

Candidates, especially professional and executive candidates, are spoiled for choices in today’s market. Unemployment is under 4% for the entire country.  For licensed professionals it is even lower.  For the first time in forever, open jobs exceed available candidates by a huge margin. When faced with the perception that there are too many choices, candidates… Read more »

Talent Evolving: How Can Businesses Out-Recruit Competition in a Tight Candidate Market?

Unemployment rates are at record lows. Licensed professionals, like Professional Engineering and Certified Public Accountants, have even lower unemployment rates. Wages are rising. While many potential candidates are spoiled for choices, many potential employers are not. In fact, the market is way out of balance which makes attracting the top 10% of talent very, very… Read more »

Talent Evolving: How to Align Culture for Successful Hires

Many years ago, I was trying to develop a system to quickly identify the best potential candidate fit for clients. It seemed like every candidate wanted more money, bigger titles, better commutes, work-life balance and so on.  It bugged me was that none of these things firmly addressed improving the probability of a successful hire…. Read more »

Talent Evolving: Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Hire slow and fire fast is an expression heard a lot in business conversations. The idea is to take your time while hiring and cut underperformers as soon as you see that they will not improve. Maybe it is time to consider getting the hire right the first time? The fact is, most companies we… Read more »