Is My Current Job the Right Job for Me?

It’s normal to wonder if you’re in the right job from time to time. People can get frustrated and feel dissatisfied with work for a number of reasons, and it doesn’t always mean the job isn’t good for them or where they can make the most impact. But sometimes that lingering, nagging feeling of doubt… Read more »

3 Ways Talent Pipelining Benefits Your Company

Making HR decisions can always be risky. You need quality people you can depend on to make an impact on the business, but you never quite know how it might all play out. Talent pipelining helps you take back a bit more control of the hiring process and can reduce the risk of getting stuck… Read more »

What Are the Most In-Demand Oil & Gas Jobs to Recruit For?

What Are the Most In-Demand Oil & Gas Jobs to Recruit For?

Hiring trends can change year after year, and with this year coming to a close, businesses might be looking to bring talent into their team in the coming year, while some experienced employees might be looking to make a change. As more of the current oil and gas industry employees move into retirement, there are… Read more »

Talent Evolving: How Can Businesses Out-Recruit Competition in a Tight Candidate Market?

Unemployment rates are at record lows. Licensed professionals, like Professional Engineering and Certified Public Accountants, have even lower unemployment rates. Wages are rising. While many potential candidates are spoiled for choices, many potential employers are not. In fact, the market is way out of balance which makes attracting the top 10% of talent very, very… Read more »