Reduce Your Cost Per Hire with These Top-Notch Recruitment Strategies

The costs of hiring continues to rise. Between the price of listing on various job boards, the cost of lost productivity associated with open positions, and the labor and time spent sorting resumes, scheduling interviews, and writing recruitment emails, the cost of acquiring the talent your business needs can add up quickly. Here are some… Read more »

Is Technology Impacting the Way We Recruit Healthcare Executives?

It’s safe to say the hiring process has been impacted by technology. In many ways, this has been an asset to companies. They have access to more data and analysis, allowing them to make better, smarter hiring decisions. They’re able to connect with better quality candidates, reduce time to fill positions, and save time and… Read more »

3 Things to Do if You Feel Like Your Salary Was Lowballed

What happens if you get a job offer at a company, you’re excited to make an impact at, but the offer comes in at a much lower salary than you were expecting, or feel is fair? Follow these tips to figure out what to do if you get a lowball salary offer. 1. Don’t Accept… Read more »

Beat the Heat and Boost Your Company Morale This Summer

Have you ever noticed when the heat rises, productivity slumps? It’s common to find offices facing a downturn in morale and energy after Memorial Day and an increase in distraction and unengaged employees. This can come from the stress of having kids out of school, coordinating before and after work activities, an upcoming (or past)… Read more »

Executive Search Firm Myths… Debunked!

Executive search works differently than regular recruitment or HR staffing. Some companies wonder if the investment is worth it, and struggle to really understand the function and purpose of executive search firms. Here are some myths about executive job search – and what to know instead. 1. Search firms are an unnecessary expense when job… Read more »

5 TED Talks to Start Your Year on the Right Note

5 TED Talks to Start Your Year on the Right Note

TED Talks have become infamous over the last ten years. TED – short for Technology, Entertainment, and Design – began as a business conference in 1984 and has grown in popularity. TED talks are led by leaders and thinkers from industries and businesses all over the world, and in just 18 minutes or less, these… Read more »